A little introduction

Allow me to introduce myself. I am not part of a royal family (although I’m a princess in my head and occasionally on weekends), I have a passion for fancy dress parties, wine, good company and warm summer days. I form part 1 of a 2 part twin-ship but my desire to be heard sets me apart. (Along with my blonde hair and love of beautiful dresses).

I have no amazing story to tell, except that I changed cities with a car full of my belongings and no job to move to. This was 5 years ago and since then I have loved and lost, danced and drunk dialed and traveled to more than just the other side of town.

I speak my mind, loudly.
I love animals, a lot. More than people on most days.
I believe that there is always time to go for a run.
I LOVE to travel!
You should never judge a book by it’s cover, even if it’s torn and a little dusty.

Redhead's have more fun!

Redhead’s have more fun! (Fancy dress-up as Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show) 


HAPPY DANCE – When I see cute animals and a glass of wine being handed to me! 

ALWAYS speak your mind

ALWAYS speak your mind! Even the smallest voice matters. 

These are my thoughts, unedited and unforgiving on most days. You will either find me mildly amusing or a little offensive, but for as long as I have an occasional witty thought and something I find moderately interesting to say, I will post a piece of my mind for the general public to criticize or hopefully giggle at. Welcome to the world through my eyes, you have been warned!